February 04, 2018

Organizational Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Emerging Research and Opportunities

Peter A.C. Smith (The Leadership Alliance Inc., Canada) and John Pourdehnad (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Release Date: February, 2018|Copyright: © 2018 |Pages: 125


Digital technology has transformed business and management methodology in the modern era. As technologies continue to evolve and change, designing a platform for business architecture requires flexibility and practicality.

Organizational Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Emerging Research and Opportunities provides the latest research on the approaches to dealing successfully with newly emerging digital technologies and the dynamic complexity leaders are facing now and in the future. While highlighting topics such as business architecture, interactive planning, and strategic capital, this book explores the implications of technologies on business and leadership as well as the development of leadership methods and applications. This book is an important resource for professionals, practitioners, upper-level students, and managers seeking current research on leadership and business advancement in the digital era.

Topics Covered

The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to:

  • Business Architecture
  • Complex Environments
  • Digital Technologies
  • Human-Centered Environment
  • Interactive Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Retrospective and Prospective Reflections
  • Strategic Capital

Organizational Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Emerging Research and Opportunities


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February 22, 2016

Cornell Policy Review: Special Edition: Systems Thinking

 Posted February 18, 2016 by Cornell Policy Review  

Systems are ubiquitous. From our devices and networks to our social constructs, we are surrounded by complexity and its accompanying difficulties. For students of policy, these intricacies are familiar, and often accompany what Cornell professors Derek and Laura Cabrera have termed “wicked problems.”

The articles in this edition are written by thirteen Fellows of the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA). For seven weeks, they probed the wicked problems most important to them. From tiger management in India to social services in Texas, the following deconstructions of complexity are as diverse as they are profound.  With guidance from Dr. and Dr. Cabrera, CIPA Fellows have been exposed to an intellectual process all policy students and practitioners should envy.

The edition is prefaced with an introduction to systems thinking by Dr. and Dr. Cabrera, and is followed by four of their student’s articles and TED-style talks. Over the next month, we will publish nine more CIPA Fellow articles in film and text.

The Cornell Policy Review is proud to present this special edition on systems thinking.The Cornell Policy Review is proud to present this special edition on systems thinking. We hope you will consider applying the process to your own wicked problems in public policy and beyond.

-E.R. Schultz, Editor in Chief


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August 31, 2015

Building on the Work of Ackoff, Deming, and Fromm

Strategic Intelligence: Conceptual Tools for Leading Change

Michael Maccoby

Print publication date: 2015

Print ISBN-13: 9780199682386

Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: August 2015

Building on the contributions of Ackoff, Deming, and Fromm, we can describe great organizations. Great organizations are works of performing art. Learning organizations survive and maintain profitability by adapting to change. They are learning organizations with the purpose of improving their customers’ quality of life and/or improving their capability. They develop people at work, their competence, and character. They work to continually improve their social and environmental impact. If successful, great organizations will attract the most talented young people and become the model for education to shape the social character.

Building on the Work of Ackoff, Deming, and Fromm

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June 30, 2015

The 59th Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences

ISSS2015 Call for Papers: EXTENDED!

Abstracts to be included in the #ISSS2015 Conference Program need to be submitted by 2 July at the latest. 

Full papers can be uploaded onto the online Journal after the Conference once feedback has been received. 

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May 05, 2015

International Society for the Systems Sciences

Governing the Anthropocene: the greatest challenge for systems thinking in practice?

The 59th Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences will be held in Berlin, Germany, August 2 - 7, 2015.

Announcement - PhD Course

Systems Thinking and Practice in PhD Research: Cybersystemic Possibilities for Governing the Anthropocene

30 July – 7 August 2015, Germany

Save the dates! ISSS2015 Berlin, Germany : August 2 - 7, 2015


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June 17, 2014

Systems Wisdom, Pioneers in Translational Consulting

In 2013, a group of practitioners, including some of the Ackoff’s former students and colleagues came together to create Systems Wisdom, an organization with the objective of going beyond traditional boundaries of various disciplines and consulting practices.   They shared the following concerns and opportunities:

Frustrations with traditional consulting approaches: i.e., if what is offered by traditional organizations is so good why has the average life expectancy of organizations decreased from 75 years in 1937 to 11.5 years today?

Limitations by those who believe one methodology or consulting approach fits all customer/client requirements; and who adhere to one methodology even within the systems and design thinking community.

Inadequate integration of systems and design thinking particularly when confronted with complexity – a topic “everyone” talks about.

Constraint of 2nd generation design in which experts study users but remain the designers.

From this emerged the pioneering work on “translational consulting” in which similar to translational medicine there is focus on the unique organizational DNA of a client, on capturing lessons learned, and where an intervention must be individually designed, implemented and controlled/tracked. Another objective was to bring a greater degree of realism to computational thinking to make it more effective for teaching decision making processes.

To read more go here: Systems Wisdom

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May 08, 2014

Russell Ackoff Doctoral Fellowship from Wharton School

Doctoral student Minji Kim is the recipient of the Russell Ackoff Doctoral Student Fellowship Award for 2014 from the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center.

Kim’s research will focus on determining the effectiveness of anti-smoking public service announcements with different themes (e.g. negative health consequences on smokers vs. secondhand smoking) that are customized to the level of race, gender, and age of the audiences.  This builds upon research that indicates that the used of tailored communication using exemplar or persuader characters that are similar to the target audience are more effective.
The Ackoff Fellowship provides funding for doctoral research on human decision making. It is named in honor of an endowment provided to the Wharton School by the Anheuser-Busch Charitable Trust.  Russell Ackoff, Professor Emeritus of Management Science life's work was dedicated to furthering the understanding of human behavior in organizations. 
The fellowships provide financial support for the students to conduct specific research projects. In addition to supporting the cost of research, one of the goals of the Ackoff awards is to foster a sense of community among scholars at Penn involved in research on decision making. 
Kim is the seventh Annenberg student to receive this fellowship. Hyun Suk Kim, Susan Mello (Gr ’13), and Dina Shapiro-Luft received the fellowship for their individual projects in 2012; Shapiro-Luft also received the honor in 2010. Cabral Bigman-Galimore (Gr ‘11) and Peter Busse (Gr ‘11) received fellowships in 2011. Shawnika Hull (Gr ‘10) is a two-time recipient, receiving the honor in 2008 and 2009.



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January 28, 2014

Message from System Dynamics Society

18 books now available through the Society

Are you a book collector? Back in August, Jay Forrester, Bob Eberlein, and numerous Society officers and members convened to discuss how to keep the important publications previously sold by Pegasus Communications in circulation. We are very excited to announce the new home for these books is at the System Dynamics Society. These are some of the best teaching books in the field. The Society’s goal is to keep these books available – they are now on sale at here: http://www.systemdynamics.org/books-for-sale/.

We see this as a huge benefit to the field. To celebrate the launch of the sale of these books through the Society, we are auctioning off a rare first edition signed copy of your favorite author’s book, World Dynamics. It is a great book, but a signed first edition is even better. Have this unique book on your library shelf and help support the System Dynamics Society!

Please visit the Books For Sale site to see the list of the eighteen titles and to learn how to participate in the auction.

Best, Roberta

Roberta Spencer, Executive Director
System Dynamics Society
300 Milne Hall, 135 Western Avenue
Albany, NY 12222

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September 06, 2013

Systems Thinking and Logistics Positions at the University of Hull

The Business School at the University of Hull (UK) is making a major investment in systems thinking and logistics, two of the research areas where we already have a strong international reputation and see scope for continued growth and development. There are two professorships, one senior lectureship and one lectureship available.

The Professor of Systems Thinking will join both the Management Systems Subject Group and the Centre for Systems Studies. The latter has 22 staff members and 38 PhD students, making it one of the largest systems thinking research groups in the Western world. We have a strong and well established international reputation in the systems community, and a growing national and international reputation in operational research and other management research communities. The new Professor will take forward and enhance this reputation.
We are also advertising Senior Lecturer and Lecturer positions. Ideally, one of these will be filled by a systems thinker and the other by a logistics specialist.
In addition, we are recruiting a Professor of Logistics & Supply Chain Management to join our internationally renowned Logistics Institute and play a leading role in taking forward our supply chain research.
I would like to encourage applications for these positions, which have a deadline of 20 September 2013. Links to them can be found below.
Professor of Systems Thinking (BS0009)
Professor of Logistics & Supply Chain Management (BS0010)
Senior Lecturer in Management Systems (BS0011)
Lecturer in Management Systems (BS0012)
Best wishes,
Gerald Midgley

   Professor Gerald Midgley
   Director, Centre for Systems Studies
   Associate Dean for Research and Enterprise
   T +44 (0)1482 463316
   Hull University Business School
   University of Hull
   Hull, HU6 7RX, UK

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July 29, 2013

Russell Lincoln Ackoff Systems Thinking Library

To commemorate the death (on October 29, 2009) of Professor Russell L. Ackoff, Distinguished Affiliate Faculty in Organizational Dynamics and Anheuser Busch Professor Emeritus of Management Science in the Wharton School, a generous gift was provided to the Russell Lincoln Ackoff Systems Thinking Library and Archive by the Anheuser Busch Foundation. The physical space of the Ackoff Library is used regularly for meetings, presentations, and holds Professor Ackoff’s academic books, papers, manuscripts, photos, as well as books written by students and colleagues who attribute thanks to him. Under development, as well, is the Ackoff Virtual Inquiry Center which serves as a “central nervous system” for the global Systems and Design community.

The mission of the Russell L. Ackoff Systems Thinking Library is to support , develop and advance within academia and organizations across the world the scholarship and application of systems and design thinking, methods and practice conceived and established by Professor Russell L. Ackoff.

Russell Lincoln Ackoff Systems Thinking Library


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