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September 30, 2003

Applying Interactive Planning at DuPont

The Case of Transforming a Safety, Health, and Environmental Function to Deliver Business Value to Corporate safety, health, and environmental (SHE) functions continue to be under increasing pressure to reduce costs (e.g., downsizing) and deliver business value (e.g., moving the SHE function into the business, with little attention given to integrating the work).

Using an alternative approach to traditional reengineering grounded in systems thinking as the strategic planning initiative, Jim Leemann led the complete organizational transformation of the SHE functions in DuPont Specialty Chemicals.

This paper discusses the outcome of this experiment, which included a vast improvement in SHE performance along with a significant reduction in costs. Specifically, the implementation of Interactive Planning, with its focus on participation and personal commitment, resulted in:
- transformation of SHE professionals from independent to interdependent knowledge workers
- improvement of SHE performance by almost 50%
- flourishing of organizational learning among SHE professionals.
To read the article, click on the link Applying Interactive Planning at DuPont. Copies of the article are available by accessing the following website: Systemic Practice and Action Research.

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