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May 26, 2004

Transforming The Systems Movement

Russell L. Ackoff
Philadelphia, May 19, 2004

In the opening speech at the Third International Conference on Systems Thinking in Management (ICSTM '04), Russell Ackoff declared the state of the world a mess, and went on to describe how the systems community can promote global development by changing the way public policies and
decisions are made.

To read this article, click on the link:Transforming The Systems Movement

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Hallo you! Great site. I found exactly the information I was looking for. I will recommendyou page to all my friends.
I heard of your site and just wanted to see what´s up here. Really nice place. See you again sometime.
I wish you great success, good luck and a lot of fun for the future. Maybe one day you will really be the best of all.

Posted by: Betty at Dec 28, 2004 5:15:18 AM

After a long search, I finally found your site. My granny used to say, that you must never give up to reach a certain aim.
So keep on going like I did it recently.

Posted by: Jonny Mark at Oct 28, 2004 4:44:50 AM

Dear friends,

I knew the work of Russel Ackoff in 1975, when I was younger, now I'm 53. I learned to read and understand his writings in systems and planning to promote systems approach to my students. Ackoff is, really, a world transformer, and all of us are interested in teaching systems to the new generation. A great way to do this is to concentrate all Ackoff's papers in one place. ACASA seems to be this place. After download "Corporate rain dance", last week, I stay to think that ACASA could develop a project to scan and re-publish all ackoff paper. All students of mankind interested in systems would find it great.

Thank you,

Prof. Dr. Moacyr E. A. da Graça
[email protected]
São Paulo - Brasil

Posted by: Moacyr E. A. da Graça at Aug 31, 2004 9:51:07 AM

Dear Dr. Akoff

Your work “Transforming the systems movement” impressed me so much that I wanted to help other people in Russia to read it. I took a liberty to translate it into Russian and shown to Sergey Kurdyumov, Russian systems dynamic expert for Government. He immediately offered to post the original and my translation on his website.

I would like to ask you permission for the publication.

I believe your approach is much more practical than that being discussed and practiced in Russia, therefore, I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to promote your ideas and enrich the dialogue between government officials and social leaders in Russia.

Sincerely yours,
Nathalie Mironova
Founder and Chairman,
Movement for Nuclear Safety

Posted by: Natalia Mironova at Aug 27, 2004 1:29:36 AM

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