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April 03, 2006

Idealized Design: How to Dissolve Tomorrow's Crisis...Today

Untitled Russell L. Ackoff
Jason Magidson
Herbert J. Addison

ISBN: 0-13-196363-5
Publisher: Wharton School Publishing
Copyright: 2007
Format: Cloth; 336 pp

Price: $27.99
Status: Not Yet Published

Pearson Estimated Availability: 07/07/2006

This item is not yet available for purchase. See estimated availability date above.

What's the best way to drive fundamental, transformative change within your organization? Envision your ideal solution: then, work backwards to where you are. It's called idealized design, and -- as executives in hundreds of organizations will testify -- it's one of the most powerful techniques you'll ever use. Authored by its legendary creator, Wharton Professor Emeritus Russell Ackoff, and leading practitioner Jason Magidson, Idealized Design covers every facet of this breakthrough methodology. You'll learn the fundamental differences between idealized design and traditional process re-engineering, and understand how idealized design eliminates many conventional obstacles to change. Start-to-finish techniques and examples drawn from hundreds of companies, non-profits, and government organizations will show you how to use idealized design to solve your own crisis of tomorrow...today.

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