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August 15, 2006

Systems Approach to Program and Project Management Seminar

This week-long seminar offers a distinctive "Systems Approach" to Program and Project Management, with Russell Ackoff among the 4 seminar leaders.  This course differs from the conventional courses on project and program management (PPM) in that, whereas they work from the inside out, this course works from the outside in. It takes a systemic rather than an analytic approach to the process. Rather than work on aspects of PPM taken separately and then trying to synthesize them into an overall approach to the process, this course starts with the effect of the organizational context within which PPM takes place. It shows that without changes in this context, PPM is severely handicapped. The problem then, for those who cannot control the organizational context of PPM, but can control such management itself, is how can they approximate the types of context changes required to make PPM effective? In this seminar, the aim is to show how to achieve these results.

Download in2inseminarconnectingtheartscienceofppm.pdf

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