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January 30, 2007

Management f-LAWS

Russell Ackoff's latest book - Management f-LAWS -  brings together more than 80 of his wise, acute and often sardonic observations about organizations and business life.

He calls these f-LAWS "truths about organizations that we might wish to deny or ignore - simple and more reliable guides to managers' everyday behaviour than the complex truths proposed by scientists, economists and philosophers".

Russ Ackoff has written a detailed commentary for each f-LAW, and each is also answered by award-winning author Sally Bibb.

Management f-LAWS is published tomorrow, so this is your last chance to order a copy at the special pre-publication 25% discount.

To order your copy now at a 25% discount click here.

(For North American customers, books are printed and despatched from the USA). Or order at the regular price from your favourite online retailer.

You can also read and download a free copy of a little book of f-laws (a selection of just 13 of his f-LAWS) online. Click here or visit www.f-laws.com and follow the link to the e-book.

For more information on the book and its authors just visit www.f-laws.com.

To sign up for other pre-publication offers on related titles from Triarchy Press, click here and complete the sign-up form.

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Wow... Listened on the BBC this morning; Makes complete sense and can really improve organizations. Commission amd ommission errors are both common place but prior to this morning, I had not thought of them that way. As a Training and Recruiting Director, I have now become an apostle of Mr. Ackoff.

Posted by: Jim Vogel at Mar 6, 2007 7:58:30 AM

Despite being an 80s vintage MBA and a reasonably competent marketer, I had never come across Russell Ackoff until very recently. Having read the excerpts in and coverage in the Daily Telegraph and Financial Times I'm extremely impressed with the examples of organisation and management failure.

Posted by: David Burdon at Feb 27, 2007 7:06:54 AM

There are some very good points (judging by the excerpt). But doesn't it get a bit too categorical and critical at times?

After all, we're all humans, and we can't be 100% f-lawless :)

Posted by: Vladimir Dzhuvinov at Feb 2, 2007 4:01:43 PM

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