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December 14, 2007

Interesting Systems Thinking Videos on YouTube

From YouTube

Systems thinking mirrors ecological thinking - looking at the context for problems and situations, treating them as emergent rather than isolated. It involves a sensitivity to wholes that is missing in analytical thinking (less)
Added: November 02, 2007
To watch the video, click on the following link:
Change in Thinking - Systems Thinking

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I agree that nature is a system of systems and requires a systems thinking approach. Yet the man-made global warming proponents have reduced an understanding of climate change to a machine-age, reductionist equation where CO2 increases result in temperature increases (CO2 LEADS temperature increases). This has been proven wrong. In fact, CO2 lags temperature changes as the oceans release CO2 when the temperature increases. It would certainly be a welcome changes in the politicized environment of climate science if a systems approach was used rather then a machine age approach built on reading the entrails of computer models. This NYT article is informative in this regard

The Problems in Modeling Nature, With Its Unruly Natural Tendencies

Posted by: Mike Sivertsen at Jan 20, 2008 1:28:40 PM

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