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November 22, 2008

Stefan Stern's top 20th-century management theorists

From Financial Times FT.com
By Stefan Stern
Published: November 22 2008 02:00 | Last updated: November 22 2008 02:00

Drucker(1909-2005): the original and best. He said most of it, really, over seven productive decades. He also said people only called him a guru because they weren't sure how to spell "charlatan".

Russ Ackoff (born 1919): former Wharton professor who rejects much business school orthodoxy with his advocacy of "systems thinking". Worries that managers waste too much time "trying to do the wrong thing righter".

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I was exposed to Systems Thinking and Russ Ackoff's writings and ideas as part of my graduate education in Community and Environment Health Management at at Old Dominion University.

Gaining a systems awareness has led to my interest in good governance and my eventual involvement in politics. Very quickly, I learned that the current political process in government leads to more problems than solutions. After a short stint in the Republican party at a local committee level, I decided to opt out and work towards finding a better way.

I am reading "Redesigning Society". I am curious if there is a group of other "Systems Thinkers" out there who have a desire to actualize a new approach to government for our country. If not a group, is there any individuals working toward a restructuring of legislative representation?

The current economic upheaval and massive amount of poorly contemplated and quickly passed government intervention seems to be more damaging to liberty than helpful. Now, perhaps more than any other moment in U.S. History, the time has arrived to try and update the problematic structural problems in acheiving proper representation in government. I hate to label myself, but so that people get an idea of my political persuasion, I am in all likelihood, an emerging Libertarian.

Can you please spread my interest in this area to other Systems Thinkers who share a desire to fix government? I am not interested in their political persuasion, as my as I am interested in their true desire to redesign government so as to ensure Liberty in America for generations to come.

I can be reached at [email protected] Thanks so much.

Posted by: Robert E. Lehman at Mar 8, 2009 9:04:13 AM

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