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July 21, 2010

A Message from the "Systems Thinking World"

Based on the apparent interest in the Systems Perspective, I'd like to invite you to join the Systems Thinking World discussion group at:

Systems Thinking World

Systems Thinking World provides a context in which to discuss anything and everything from a systems perspective. Systems perspectives include the application of hard and dynamic systems methodologies along with the soft systems approaches as well as the emancipatory and postmodern systems methodologies.

The endeavor is to promote further awareness and understanding of the power and value of the systems perspective and the creation of content essential to enable one to develop and evolve the skill and ability to think and act systemically. The belief is that employing a systems perspective will provide individuals, groups and organizations a greater likelihood of creating the future they desire with fewer unintended consequences.

Gene Bellinger

STW Group Host

Also, visit SystemsWiki for additional resources in systems thinking.

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