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December 04, 2010

Differences That Make a Difference by Russ Ackoff

Dear Colleague,

We're very pleased, and a little sad, to be announcing the publication of Differences That Make a Difference by Russ Ackoff. Sad because this publication marks for us the completion of over four years of working with Russ and his writing. Pleased because it is a true privilege to have been involved in these publications, arising as they did from the culmination of his distinguished and influential career in management thinking.

The simple philosophy behind Differences That Make a Difference is that complicated problems can often be avoided if you take a moment to define your terms at the outset. Ackoff's aim was to dissolve (not solve or resolve) some of the many disputes in professional and private life that he saw as the result of quite basic instances of miscommunication and misunderstanding.

For example, there is more than one type of error: there are Errors of Commission (doing something that should not have been done) and Errors of Omission (not doing something that should have been done). Once you understand this distinction, you will also understand the benefits to be gained from leading people to act responsibly rather than managing them through fear.

Differences That Make a Difference brings together 57 definitions of such important terms and concepts, many of which underpin Russ Ackoff's contribution to improving organizational health.

This book is a perfect introduction to his writing and thinking. It is, as Charles Handy says in his Foreword, "a manual for clear thinking" - and a fitting tribute to the man.

Read more about the book, and/or order a copy here.

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Russ Ackoff's books make perfect gifts - for managers, leaders, executives, MBA students, hierarchs and heterarchs of all ages.
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