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March 31, 2017

Air Traffic Control Is Not The Real Cause Of Airline Delays

"Further, airlines look to local fixes - let’s save fuel, let’s improve baggage, let’s optimize pilot schedules, let’s charge for bags, etc. But these local fixes often negatively impact the overall result.

Conversely, as numerous industries have proven, it is systems thinking and logistics that will win the day for passengers and shareholders.

If we have a system of improvement that is directed at improving the parts taken separately, you can be absolutely sure that the performance of the whole will not be improved, and that can be rigorously proven”. (Russ Ackoff)

Professor Ackoff’s statement perfectly highlights the problem with airline/ATC solutions for the last 40 years--local solutions trying to improve system operation/efficiency. In other words, when it comes to improving the current airline/ATC operation, we continue to mistakenly work to make the parts better, without regard to system affects. Think Whack-a-Mole.

Once the leadership is in place, with the cross departmental responsibility/authority to put the passengers where they were promised, when they were promised, the next step is the vision to implement the actual system process."

Air Traffic Control Is Not The Real Cause Of Airline Delays

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